Zoo in the Blue
Jackie was flying over her island home looking for some angel action. It was a perfect day -- the sky was bright blue and she soared on the air currents as happy as an angel could be.

She spotted a group of children walking on their way somewhere. Some kids were skipping! She was intrigued -- they had backpacks on their backs and big smiles on their faces. Where were they going? And why?

Jackie flew in for a closer look as the teacher lead the class into the entrance of... the zoo. Seeing how Jackie the Angel loves animals, she exclaimed, "A field trip to the zoo! That's for me, too."

Jackie folded her wings in and walked behind the children who were about her same size. She marched excitedly into the big arena and looked around the huge expanse of zoo countries and special exhibits. "I'm not afraid of anything," she said to herself, "except maybe snakes. But not the baby ones. They're cute."

She didn't know who was more excited: Jackie or the kids. Do you think it was Jackie? The minute they got into the zoo, the teacher asked aloud, "Where shall we go first?" All the kids said the same thing at exactly the same time, "Africa!"

One boy named Tyler said, "I want to see the lions." Another girl shouted, "I want to see the elephants," and another child chirped, "What about the rhinos?" "Can you spell rhinoceros?" asked the teacher and of course no one could. Could you?

Danielle asked to see the hippopotamus. "I can't spell it but I can say it. My baby sister, Savannah, who was named after the pretty green and animal part of Africa, calls them 'hippos'."

Soon, the kids went running from one animal to another. A baby elephant stood under his mother's tummy. "If that mommy sits down, she'll squish her baby," said Tyler. The teacher explained that the baby used its mommy for protection and that it would get out of the way if it's mother needed to go somewhere else.

Just then, the zookeeper came out to feed the giraffes. All the kids gathered round and he asked the kids if they wanted to help. "I do," shouted Danielle, and the zookeeper gave her some leafy pellets to feed the giraffe. The giraffe was so tall and Danielle so small! Then, the animal bent its long graceful neck down and with a tongue so long it almost scared Danielle to high heaven, it licked up the pellets, and Danielle laughed! "That tickles," she explained, "Can I do it again?"

The zookeeper then gave all the students pellets so they could all feed he giraffes. Carefully and quietly, a baby giraffe joined the group. Danielle asked if she had a name and the zookeeper said, "Not yet."

Danielle said, "Let's name her Joy because my Auntie Trish told me the best story in the world about a giraffe named Joy." Danielle wanted to tell the story and the teacher said she could share it with everyone went they were all back in the classroom.

For now, Jackie had been very quiet and well behaved. Then, she saw the biggest gorilla in the world. He is called the alpha male and is so big he can look scary even though he is very gentle. All the kids ran to the gorillas as they were just waking up from their nap and were happy to see the children. The gorillas ate some bananas and the baby ones were extra cute.

Jackie wanted some attention or something to happen where she would be needed. But guess what? All the kids had a happy visit to the zoo and no one needed any help with anything!

Jackie thought of something and whispered into the teacher's ear, "Sunscreen."

Just then, the teacher told each child to stand in line so she could put sunscreen on each face so the sun wouldn't burn anyone. Jackie loved the animals and she got a chance to be helpful, too. Jackie would have even put sunscreen on the animals!

When was the last time you went to the zoo? What did you see? Until next time, happy flying from Jackie the Angel!




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