Wishing you an Angel Bright Holiday
You can hear

If Jackie draws near

Lend an ear

Here's what Jackie wants to tell you for holiday cheer:

You may not be an angel, but you can try to do

angelic things --

Think of about what you do. Could you be an angel,


Angel Bright

Angel Light

Light the Way

Into a family's love and heart.

Let your wings take you

As high as they let you.

Take your friends along if you like;

Invite them into your angel light.

Angel Bright

Brighten the lives of those you touch;

Brighten the lives of those

You love so much.

Let mischief shine in your eyes sometimes;

Act from your heart as I do mine.

You can play the day away;

You can fly or stay.

Touch our hearts and make us laugh;

Then we're sure that you'll be back!

Singing an angel bright song,

We can all love each other and learn to get along.




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