Wings Aren't Just for Angels
The winds were just right for Jackie to fly through the airstreams that were carrying her very far very quickly. She loved the way the soft blue breezes tousled her angel hair and she banked a little left, following the current, and then banked right. "I love to fly," said Jackie to no one in particular as she soared happily.

Below, she saw some dirty air, and thought how bad air pollution looks when you see it from above. Jackie wondered how she could help. "I don't think my wings can flap away that much ooky air."

She remembered how kind the firemen had been and something told her to investigate and fly down closer to the ground. Some people don't know what to call that inner voice but it's something we all share and alerts us to danger. We have to listen really hard for it. It usually helps us decide what to do.

As Jackie got closer to the ground, she exclaimed, "Not another fire!" But that's exactly what it was. She landed next to the fire truck and overheard one of the firefighters say, "That's what a cigarette can do." Jackie was confused. A cigarette could cause a fire?

"Yes," said the other firefighter, "If people aren't careful."

"They shouldn't smoke anyway," hollered Jackie, but they couldn't hear her. She knew none of the firefighters would smoke. They are too smart and brave for that. Just then, Jackie saw a firefighter carrying a young boy from the charred remains of a building. She ran to him.

The boy was smiling into the face of the firefighter. He was alive because of the firefighter. "I'm going to help fight fires when I grow up," said the little boy as Jackie dusted the dirty ashes off him with her clean wings.

She wanted to let the firefighters know what an important job they have and how it takes all their courage to put out fires. Jackie had an idea. The firefighters were probably tired and hungry.

Jackie managed to find their fire station nearby. Then she found their kitchen and flew around it. It was big. Like a fire truck. She saw a big soup kettle and thought, "Soup makes people feel better. I'll make it as a surprise." She found a recipe book and followed its instructions on exactly what to put in the kettle. Soon, a wonderful aroma filled the firehouse. The soup was ready.

Just then, the firefighters returned to the firehouse and every one smelled the delicious soup. "Mmm. What's that smell?"

Mid-air, Jackie stirred the mixture and announced, "Come and get it." But they were busy undressing so she hid her eyes under one wing. Then, she peeked at them. They were very strong. She didn't need to stir the soup - it smelled just right.

They couldn't see her and didn't know how the soup got there. "Wow -look at this! Delicious!" said Brian the firefighter. "I'll set the table." And he did. He carefully ladled out the soup and all the fire fighters were really hungry.

Just as they were about to have the soup, their fire alarm went off, so they all jumped back into their uniforms and took off in their truck. "Wait for me," said Jackie, but they were long gone. "I guess their soup will have to wait." She flew straight up, wrapped her wings around the fire pole and slid down. She did it six times.

Soon, the firefighters were back. Their soup was cold but they were hot and thought the cool soup tasted just right. "It's nice to be needed," thought Jackie as she flew up and off into the sky.




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