Mrs. Waters and Mr. Pooch
Jackie the Angel isn't snoopy; she simply likes to check on everyone and see that they are all okay. That's what angels like to do. And Jackie the Angel had recently noticed that Mrs. Waters might need some angelic help.

Mrs. Waters lived in a busy neighborhood. Her grown daughter Joan had plans to go out of town. As Joan worked for the airlines and traveled all the time and was worried to leave her older mother all alone, Joan went to the pound and found a friend and companion for her mother. Mrs. Waters took to the pooch right away and the dog seemed to know how much he was appreciated by both Joan and Mrs. Waters. Soon the pooch had a name, "Mr. Pooch."

Mr. Pooch followed Mrs. Waters wherever she went—to the grocery store, to the pet store, to the beauty parlor—where Mrs. Waters went, Mr. Pooch went too. But he was also fiercely protective of Mrs. Waters and would do anything for her. Every time Mrs. Waters would feed him, he would get a little messy, and get dog food on his face and water on his floppy ears. Mrs. Waters would carefully wipe Mr. Pooch's mouth and gently blot his ears, then brush him during the evening when they watched television together.

Mr. Pooch graduated from obedience school top of his class. Jackie the Angel might have had something to do with this, but don't count on it. Mr. Pooch was very smart and very devoted to Mrs. Waters. Whenever Joan flew home she was so happy to see her mother, so happy with Mr.

Pooch taking care of Mrs. Waters and Mrs. Waters taking care of Mr. Pooch.

Before long all the neighborhood knew Mrs. Waters and Mr. Pooch and Mr. Pooch would lick all the hands of the neighborhood children and try to smile at all the neighbors. Dogs don't smile very easily because of the way dog designers designed their mouths but Jackie the Angel would swoop by to check on things and whenever she did, Mr. Pooch would be smiling and trying to make it look like a natural thing for dogs to do.

One fine day, when the sun was shining and Mrs. Waters was taking Mr. Pooch for a walk, a purse snatcher came up behind the twosome, grabbed Mrs. Waters' purse and Mr. Pooch's leash and tied Mr. Pooch to a tree where he could not get loose. The mean purse-snatcher then knocked poor old Mrs. Waters to the ground and Mr. Pooch howled until Jackie the Angel heard his painful cries and quickly flew to his aid.

Jackie the Angel untied Mr. Pooch who took after the purse-snatcher and helped Mrs. Waters back up onto her feet. Mr. Pooch nailed the purse-snatcher who howled louder than Mr. Pooch had howled, so naturally all of Mrs. Waters' neighbor friends heard and called the police and the police came and rescued Mrs. Waters and arrested the purse-snatcher, who just might be reading this story from jail right now!

Jackie the Angel still checks on Mrs. Waters and Mr. Pooch just like she checks on you and I to make sure we're safe and sound as that's her job as an angel. Jackie the Angel never takes credit for a job well done because she has so much fun doing it, she doesn't realize it's her job.

While Jackie the angel helps looking after us, we can all look out for one another, too. Adopting a pooch at a neighborhood animal shelter is something an angel would approve of, especially Jackie the Angel, as animal companions are something like guardian angels and can help make our lives easier and more fun. Why don't you check out the animal shelter in your area, one of your best friends might be there.




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