Jackie Visits the Museum
Jackie the Angel saw some school children who were all excited about something. They were laughing and giggling and she couldn't imagine why. She couldn't resist swooping down and opening her wings to glide by and listen.

She heard, "A field trip to the museum means that some of the art will be... you know, they don't have a lot of clothes on." All the kids snickered and Jackie said, "It's time these kids had a lesson in art from me!"

Jackie followed them down the road that led to the beautiful building that had once been a mansion home and now was home to a collection of sculpture, oil paintings, water colors, and collages that make a museum's walls light up with color and shape and life.

"I like sculpture myself," said Jackie, though no one could hear her. "It's so much fun to pose exactly the same way the people in the sculptures are posed." Jackie flew on ahead and landed atop a sculpted bronze man thinking in a very special pose. The artist's name was Rodin and his three dimensional work of art is called "The Thinker."

She acted just like the man in the sculpture and imitated his pose exactly as he was sitting and thinking. She looked really funny because "The Thinker" looked so strong and she looked so delicate.

Jackie couldn't help but giggle, "If only those kids could see me!" The kids didn't need to see Jackie as soon they were imitating all the people in all the artwork. One boy posed next to the thinking man Jackie was sitting upon. Adults nearby couldn't help but laugh.

Then some children saw a painting of children gathered around a fountain and they quickly posed themselves -just like the oil painted showed... except they had to gather round a drinking fountain instead of a big lavish one that had a cherub spurting water from its mouth. Jackie flew to the fountain, took a swig of water, and became for a minute or two, the cherub in the painting. While onlookers couldn't see Jackie, they could see all the kids and thought the kids were very creative and smart.

The children were having a wonderful time. They made faces that were exactly like the faces in the paintings: sad, arrogant, prideful, peaceful, happy, and reflected many human emotions. For a brief moment, Jackie wished she were human, then reminded herself what an important job she had as an angel.

Just then, the museum alarm went off with a big RRRRRRRRING. The kids were posing and had accidentally touched a masterpiece family portrait. They didn't mean to touch the masterpiece; it just happened. Touching a work of art sets off any museum alarm anywhere in the world. The kids were scared and embarrassed. "We're sorry," they all said in unison.

The security guards came running faster than rabbits can hop. Their teacher explained that accidents happen "but this had not better happen again!" Jackie didn't know whether the kids would have to leave but the teacher said they could stay if they were very careful and respected the artwork as being very fragile. One little girl named Danielle, jutted her chin out, just like the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, and all the kids laughed again.., but very carefully.

Have you been to the museum? What did you see there?

Until next time, blue sky wishes from Jackie the Angel.




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