Jackie Tickes the Lion
Jackie the Angel had so much fun at the zoo that she decided she wanted to live there. Her island home was beautiful but lacked giraffes with long necks, elephants who could do everything with their trunks, and baby rhinos that were almost as cute as baby dolphins.

Jackie flew over the zoo and spotted a class of school children about to enter the zoo. "Each child is holding a rope!" she exclaimed, "I wonder why!"

Jackie flew down to enter the zoo with the children holding onto a rope. She quickly found out why as the teacher called out, "No one let go of the rope! This is how we stick together at the zoo so no one gets lost. We'll have lots of fun this way. Hang on!" When they got inside the zoo, flamingos were in a big lake, and the teacher asked, "Who here knows why flamingos are pink?" The kids giggled as they looked at the big pink birds with the long black sticks for legs. One little girl, Danielle tried, "Because they go to the beauty parlor and get dyed pink!" Everyone laughed at Danielle who liked to say and do funny things. Her teacher explained, "It's from the shrimp they eat."

"Can we go to the petting zoo?" asked Christopher, who was anxious to pet some of the animals there.

"Hold onto the rope," said their teacher.

The children loved the petting zoo and touched goats, llamas, rabbits, pot-bellied pigs, geese, sheep, a giant tortoise, and the guinea pigs. All the kids laughed at the poor pot bellied pigs because its name matched the animal so well.

Then, the teacher did a head count, and one student was missing. "Is everyone holding onto the rope?"

"Yes, teacher," came their reply.

"Then someone is definitely missing." She counted heads again. "It's Christopher."

Jackie the Angel went into immediate action. She flew off and found Christopher in another part of the zoo. Then she flew to the teacher and pushed her toward Christopher. All the kids followed.

Christopher looked down to the ground, "I'm sorry." Jackie could see that there was more going on here than Christopher running away. Jackie gave Christopher a big bump with her wings and gently knocked him on his back. Out of his jacket, came a rabbit!

"Christopher! You are in serious trouble. That rabbit belongs to the zoo. You ran away and stole an animal. What do you have to say?" The teacher led the way back to the petting zoo and put the rabbit inside. "I'm sorry," repeated Christopher. "I wanted a rabbit so much. And my parents won't let me have one."

Teacher said, "You can come to the zoo anytime and visit any of the animals. You can feed the rabbit and give it your own special name. Christopher thought long and hard.

"So long, Dixie, I'll come back and see you real soon." Christopher said, "Maybe I'll bring my parents to meet Dixie, too."

"That's a good idea. Now let's all stay together and enjoy our trip to the zoo. It anyone runs away again, we might have to leave them behind!" the teacher said with a laugh.

"And then the animals would eat the child for dinner," said Danielle. She laughed at her joke as the kids walked together holding onto their rope. They headed toward the lions' cages where Jackie was already tickling a lion with her wings and the lion was roaring happily.

"Oh, boy, my favorite! Lions!" said Christopher.

"Well, at least I won't have to worry about you trying to take a lion home!" laughed his teacher.

Have you been to the zoo lately? Have fun from Jackie the Angel!




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