Jackie Takes a Mud Bath
It had been raining a lot and Jackie's wings were wet and dirty. She was flying around looking for those people who might need some of her angelic help. "Good thing I don't have a mirror," she thought, "I must look a fright!"

She looked over her muddy body and wings. That's when she saw Peter, a boy, who was sliding down a mountain of mud on a huge elephant tree leaf. "Wow!" she exclaimed, "That looks like fun!" She flew closer -- Peter was nearing the bottom.

Peter was good at sliding. Down the mountain he went. Faster than Jackie could fly. He was a sliding type of guy. But Peter wasn't very good at stopping. Jackie could see that Peter was speeding out of control and was about to hit a tree. Peter was so scared that he closed his eyes. Of course, that didn't help.

So Jackie swooped in and lifted him up right with her so that he missed the tree. A second later, the sliding leaf went into the tree and the tree said, "Ouch. Watch where you're going!" The giant elephant leaf laughed and said, "It could have been a lot worse! I'll bet Peter weighs at least thirty pounds." The tree and the leaf laughed together and Jackie took Peter down the hill cautiously.

Just then, Peter's father drove up to see his muddy son. "What's going on here?" he demanded, seeing how dirty Peter looked.

"It's not what you think, Dad." Peter brushed himself off and smoothed the hair off his dirty forehead. "I was just playing."

Peter's father couldn't see Jackie because Jackie only appears to those who need her angelic help. "It looks like you were doing something really stupid," Peter's father said.

Peter looked down then up into the angelic face of Jackie. "You're right. I shouldn't have been playing by myself. I could have gotten hurt. But I'm just a kid, Dad. I learned my lesson."

"Just a kid!" exclaimed Jackie. "That's the best thing in the whole world. Why to be a kid is every parent's secret wish!" Peter's father could not hear Jackie, but if he could have, he would have agreed.

Jackie smiled at Peter, glad that he had told the truth.

"It's really fun, Dad," explained Peter. "I think you might like it." "Okay, son, let's try it together from the top."

They started searching for loose leaves to ride on. Jackie wished she could slide down the muddy mountain, too, but she was on an angelic mission and had things to do and places to fly.

And as she flew away, Jasper the seagull, flew by. "I'll take it from here, Jackie," said Jasper.

"Thanks!" said Jackie, knowing full well Jasper would like to slide down the muddy mountain as much as Jackie!

Having fun is a great thing to do. Safe fun is the best fun of all. Until next time, have a heavenly and fun time!

Love from Jackie the Angel.




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