Jackie Meets a Monster
Jackie was flying through the clouds on a beautiful softly clouded day. She didn't feel like she had a worry in the world. And she didn't. Her job was to take care of others who needed her. But on this day, she simply couldn't find anyone to help.

Jackie liked being helpful. She liked helping people up when they fell and she especially liked it when she could help kids.

Kids were playful and fun like Jackie. But Jackie has a big responsibility because she is an angel and can't really relax and play. She is always on a mission to help others.

She decided to bank right and soar down through the clouds. A huge looming gray shape began to gather and follow her. It scared Jackie and the faster she flew, the faster it followed.

"Go away," she shouted at the big blob. "I'm an angel!" But the blob just moved around and followed her, scaring her a lot.

Then it occurred to Jackie. She was lonely on this day. She felt all by herself and didn't like it one bit. "I wish I had a best friend. I'm scared and wish that blob would go away!"

Jackie took a graceful wide left turn and soared through the puffy white clouds. She knew she had to stay on the move because of her fear of this gray looming giant!

She would try to find Doowee Dolphin. He had always been a good friend to her and Doowee was fearless. He wasn't even scared of sharks and most everybody is scared of sharks. Plus, he's the faster swimmer in the world. "Maybe he can help," thought Jackie as she tried to dodge the big dark blob.

Jackie soared around under the clouds and scanned the blue horizon. There was a lot of blue water ahead and far into the distance Jackie thought she saw a dolphin jumping out of the water and high into the air. She flew quickly to investigate.

But the dolphin was having too much fun to notice Jackie the angel. He just kept flipping and twirling. "Hey, Doowee," cried Jackie, but his splashes drowned out the sound of her voice.

Jackie was starting to worry about Doowee's hearing when she remembered his unique echo location system where he could bounce sound waves off an object to get a reading. Jackie flew right in front and him and he stopped, "Jackie! Hey! How are you?" Doowee leaned far up and back in the water with his big smile.

Doowee was ready to listen to Jackie's latest adventure. "So what did you do wonderful today? Help any old folks? Young ones?"

"Actually, Doowee, that's what I came to talk with you about. There is a huge dark blob following me and it looks like it's trying to eat me. Can you help me?"

"Chase your shadow! You bet!?"

"Chase my shadow?" asked a very confused Jackie.

"Yes, that why you were so scared. As you flew, it followed you. Want to see my shadow? Doowee showed his dorsal fin lit by the sun just right to create a shadow.

"You mean I was scared of my own shadow?" asked Jackie.

"It happens to the best of us. Fear is just another form of excitement and you needed an exciting day today!" said Doowee. He whirled the same thing!

"Wow! Shadows are neat!" exclaimed Jackie. "And fun!"

"Well, hop on my back and let's take a ride my friend!" With that, Jackie took Doowee up on his offer. What Doowee didn't know was that now Jackie was going to give him a thrill. After a few leaps in the water with Jackie on his back, Jackie outstretched her wings, and a few seconds later the two were flying angel on dolphin!

Together, they made a really cool shadow.

When Doowee saw that they were flying, he went coconuts.

"Well, I'll be a smelt smoothie," whistled Doowee. We are flying through the air!"

And that's what they did for the rest of the day.

How was your day? Did you make some time for a friend?




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