Jackie Learns to Dance
Jackie was flying high dodging clouds and jumping on a few of them. She was having fun flying and who wouldn't? She felt the air whoosh by her and she tucked in her wings and flew closer to the ground. No one was around, not even Jasper the Seagull who was usually seen riding air currents all day.

Jackie hoped to see another angel, but she knew each angel was on a special assignment to cover a certain amount of land and people. Jackie was happy to cover the island she called home and wondered whether Doowee Dolphin was awake yet so she could watch him make a smelt Smoothie.

As Jackie came closer to the island, she saw Doowee's entourage -- it was as though Doowee were a rock star and had his own band. Actually, he did have his own band and they were playing Doowop music which goes like this: "Doowop shebop, doowop shebop boo." Doowee was singing and the three Penguini Brothers were singing backup and swaying to the music. It was the kind of music that makes you want to get up and dance!

Jackie thought this looked really cool and fun. She thought she would like to sing with them but said aloud, "They may not hear me if I sing." She flew down, dipping, swirling, twirling to the music. Before long, she realized she was dancing in the sky! Wow! What a feeling of freedom! She could express all the feeling she had inside by dancing her emotions right out of her. When she had a sad feeling she twirled; when she had a happy feeling she jumped on clouds, and when she was grateful and felt she was lucky to be a plucky lucky little angel, she danced on the tip of her toes.

She couldn't stop. She just kept dancing so long as the music was playing. She was in a special place that comes from feeling joy, knowing you have friends, and can express yourself with and to them. Soon Jackie was dancing quite well and when Doowee's Doowop band noticed her, they suddenly stopped playing. Jackie stopped dancing.

"Why did you stop?" asked Jackie. "Why did you stop?" asked Doowee "Because you stopped," replied Jackie.

"I say let's start again and have some fun!' squeaked Doowee.

"Me, too!" said Jackie and they danced and sang the day away.

Do you like to sing and dance?

Maybe Jackie will come sing and dance with you in the sky!

Bye bye from Jackie the Angel.




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