Jackie Goes on a Cruise
Jackie decided she wanted to take a nap. The problem was she wasn't sure how to get her wings to hover just right so she could take a quick snooze. Her friend, Doowee Dolphin knew how to take a nap underwater, but only for twenty minutes, then he had to come up for air. Jackie the Angel has plenty of air; she simply does not know how to nap and stay perched in the sky!

Every time she started to fall asleep, she fell into the water. "Drat," she said, which is a pretty strong word for an angel to use. Just as she had about dried herself off by flapping her wings hard in the wind, a cruise ship came along with waves splashing, too, right onto Jackie. "Double drat."

Seeing the cruise ship gave Jackie an idea. She saw Doowee Dolphin jumping in and out of the water in the ship's wake making his fast swimming even faster. He was having a blast. "Watch out Doowee; I don't want you to get hurt!" Doowee jumped high in the air and as he landed said, "Me neither." Then he went right on swimming with the ship. His form was perfect and Jackie realized Doowee knew exactly how to swim alongside a big boat.

Jackie flew to the ship's railing and caught hold. She hoisted herself up and over the rails. She was still damp from the water, but waved at Doowee anyway. Doowee decided to turn back toward his island home. He called to Jackie, "Time to turn back," but it was too late. Jackie had fallen asleep and was taking a nap on the ship's deck. Under her was a large coiled rope which had become her bed. The rhythm of the boat lulled her into a deep sleep and as she fell further asleep she thought about happy things and saw pretty pictures in her mind.

She saw Mr. Pooch helping an older lady out of a struggle, she saw her fire fighting friend carrying a child out of a burning building, and she saw herself being crowned with a halo and being told, "Now you are an angel. Everywhere you go and every thing you see is an opportunity to help. That's what an angel does." And an angel never says, "Look what I did." They just do it. "All the rewards come from knowing you've helped."

Suddenly, a loud horn blasted, "HonnnnnnnnnnnK." It startled Jackie and woke her up. The ship had arrived at its port and was announcing its arrival. Soon, passengers were getting off and walking down a long plank to the land below.

"Yipes!" exclaimed Jackie. "Where am I?" She had no idea. She could have blamed Doowee for being lost, but she knew he could have called to her and not known she was sleeping. "Hey, I had a real nap!" she realized. "Just like Doowee!"

Jackie flew down the plank with the other walking passengers and when she got to the landing, who was squeaking and whistling? Why it was

Doowee Dolphin! "Do you think I'd let you get into any more trouble than you already are?"

"What trouble?" asked Jackie, clearly happy to see Doowee. "Let's see. You got in the way of the Firefighters."

"What!? I did not. I helped them. At least I tried to... "They don't need your help," said Doowee with a splash. "I'm an angel. I'm supposed to help."

"Sometimes you can help simply by being there. Listening to someone's problems is one way of helping. You're an angel. Think about it."

And Jackie did. She thought happy memories she made with Doowee and Jasper and the Firefighters and realized she was making a difference as best she could.

"Let's head for home," Jackie shouted to Doowee and she sat herself lightly on Doowee's back.

"I'm right beneath you!" said Doowee. And off they went. v
- Happy sails from Jackie the Angel.




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