Jackie Goes Coconuts
Have you ever tasted coconut? Jackie the Angel loves coconut because it tastes so delicious. Have you heard of coconut cream pie or coconut macaroons? They are irresistible. For Jackie.

You know by now that Jackie loves to fly over the ocean and visit Jasper the Seagull and Doowee Dolphin and on this particularly beautiful day, Jackie decided to do just that!

Jackie found warm air currents and discovered she could glide on them with ease. She swooped down and gave Doowee Dolphin a scare when she kissed him on his rostrum or what we call a nose. Doowee was happy to see Jackie even though she scared him and Doowee isn't afraid of anything including sharks. Once a shark followed Doowee and Doowee punched the shark in the nose with his nose! The shark swam away really fast.

"Hi, Jackie," called Doowee. "You almost gave me a scare. I thought you might be a shark."

"See any sharks today?" asked Jackie.

"Yes, I was just watching one. He swam with this tail moving back and forth from side to side. If you look at mine, I swim by moving my tail up and down. If you ask me, I'd say the shark may look good, but I look a whole lot better!"

"Gee. I move through the air by flapping my wings," added Jackie who thought it might be fun to have a tail.

"I wish I had wings," declared Doowee.

"I wish I had a permanent smile the way you do, Doowee."

"That is because the way I am made makes me look like I am always smiling. And sharks always look scary because of the way they were made. They are swift and look like fighter pilots under the sea."

"Once I flew next to an F-18 fighter pilot high in the sky," boasted Jackie. She was getting tired so Doowee invited her to sit on his back and he made gentle jumps out of the water. "Whee," exclaimed Jackie who just loved riding on a dolphin. "I think being a dolphin must be so much fun!" reacted Jackie. "I'm glad we're friends."

Doowee squeaked and whistled a dolphin squeak and whistle. Jackie tried to imitate him but she couldn't do it at all. Jasper flew close and laughed at Jackie. Doowee joined in the laughter until finally Jackie was laughing at herself, too.

"I'm hungry," declared Jackie, "And would really love some coconut that's as white as my wings and as luscious as any fruit."

"That looks like a coconut tree over there," Doowee indicated with his flipper. "And from our shallow place in the water, it looks like it has coconuts."

Before Jasper or Doowee could say goodbye, Jackie took off flying to the coconut tree to pick a coconut. What Jackie didn't see was that a man was seated on the beach underneath the coconut tree working on his laptop computer. Jackie soared to the tree and gave it a good shake so the coconuts would fall off. They did and guess what? One fell right on the head of the man working on his computer. Jackie heard someone say, "OUCH!"

When she flew down to the grown and saw that the coconut had hit the man in the head, she felt terrible as it was an accident and she didn't mean to hurt anyone. Then, the man stood up and said, "What am I doing working on my computer?! Look at the ocean and the sand and the waves breaking with their beauty coming toward the graceful coconut palm trees. What was I thinking working on my laptop when I'm supposed to be on vacation? Good thing that coconut hit me in the head!"

Jackie still felt bad but the man seemed fine. Soon, he was swimming in the ocean enjoying himself completely. Jackie took some coconut meat to Doowee and Jasper and everyone had a fine time! Jackie threw some leftovers to a small shark who felt good about being fed, too!

Until next time, Jackie sends her angelic love to all kids!




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